Washington keeping tabs on possible N’Keal Harry trade

A report earlier this month indicated the Patriots were getting calls about trading wide receiver N’Keal Harry and it appears the Washington Football Team has been involved with some of them. John Keim of reports that Washington is monitoring the situation with Harry and that other teams are also in the mix. Keim notes […]


Scientists embed antibiotics in the 3D printed implants used to regenerate damaged bone

In a ground-breaking first, researchers have fabricated 3D scaffold implants containing antibiotics at high temperatures. These scaffolds not only support bone regeneration but manage the bone infections that can arise as a result of injury or surgery. Each year, around 4 million people worldwide develop bone infection following an open fracture or surgery. The gold […]


IT Sector Presses Panic Button Over Job Reservation Act in Haryana, Threatens Exodus

With IT sector companies worried due to recent local job quota law passed by the Haryana government that seeks to reserve 75 per cent of jobs in private sector, the industry representatives have appealed to the government to reverse the law, which they claim could trigger exodus of companies. A meeting between Haryana Chief Minister […]


Intel 10th-gen Core CPUs get big price cuts: would you pick more cores or better single thread performance?

In preparation to the launch of 11th-gen Core processors a.k.a. Rocket Lake, Intel has made significant price cuts in order to clear inventory of current-gen CPUs, providing some interesting alternatives to consumers, especially for gamers looking for a 6 or 8-core CPU.As we’ve discussed in recent weeks, stock of AMD Ryzen processors is not as […]


Crime scene cleaners charge $18,000 to clean up an elderly hoarder’s home

A cleaning company has defended its decision to charge $18,000 to scrub an elderly hoarder’s home filled with human faeces, dead rodents and 10-year-old rotting food. Crime Scene Cleaners was last month called in to scour a Palmerston North property, 143km north of Wellington, after the man who lived there died. The reclusive resident had […]


Corey Linsley wants to bring “a lot to the table” as Justin Herbert’s new center

One of the best things a team can do to help a young quarterback is give him a veteran center. That’s what the Chargers have done for 2020 offensive rookie of the year Justin Herbert in signing former Packer Corey Linsley to a five-year, $62.5 million deal. Linsley has been a starter since he was […]


Psychological forest: What trees reveal about Antarctic researchers

At the bottom of the world, there’s a small island about four kilometers off the coast of Antarctica. In summer, temperatures climb to freezing with uninterrupted daylight for two months. In winter, they fall to minus 40 degrees Celsius without a single sunrise for two months. It is isolated and desolate, uninhabitable to all humans—except […]


Facebook services restored after global outage

Facebook Inc has fixed a technical issue that caused a global outage of its services after more than a million people reported problems with its photo-sharing app Instagram. The issue had also affected the company’s online messaging services Whatsapp and Messenger, with #whatsappoutage trending on Twitter in many countries, including India. A Facebook spokesperson said […]


Microsoft says 92% of Exchange servers have been patched or mitigated

Microsoft says that 92% of Exchange servers have been patched or mitigated risks following four zero-day exploits. However, the company warns that already compromised servers are still at risk. Admins are advised to check their servers to ensure that secondary attacks such as ransomware attacks or data exfiltration are prevented from happening.Microsoft explains that its […]