Rodney Hudson: The trade to Arizona was a bit of a surprise

Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim said he was “shocked” when he read reports the Raiders were going to release center Rodney Hudson.

Of course, the three-time Pro Bowler didn’t end up hitting the market because Keim picked up the phone and got a deal done with his Raiders counterpart, Mike Mayock.

Officially a Cardinal, Hudson didn’t seem disappointed he wasn’t able to pick his new team himself.

“There was a good bit of uncertainty, the trade was a bit of a surprise, but here I am today and that’s all that matters,” Hudson said, via Darren Urban of the Cardinals’ website.

Hudson also didn’t delve much into the circumstances that led to his departure from Las Vegas.

“It doesn’t even really matter at this point to me,” Hudson said. “It might matter to some people but to me it doesn’t matter how we got here, I’m just excited to be here.”

Hudson noted he has exchanged texts with quarterback Kyler Murray, who should be just as excited to have one of the league’s best centers to snapping the ball to him.